Decicon's portfolio of intellectual property and integrated circuits for power management and interface are finely engineered to be the best in class and to compete effectively in cost, performance, efficiency and footprint.

Decicon continues to innovate with creative new methods in power management, analog and mixed signal design by addressing the emergent demand for higher integration, lower cost and lower power consumption due to the convergence in consumer device. An optimum balance of these conflicting and competing requirements has to be achieved through programmable power management that performs continuous monitoring, dynamic voltage/current control and intelligent battery charging. Various types of devices, such as LCD displays, touch screens, RF modules, audio and video have to be power-managed by means of digital interfaces. As a result Decicon's proven expertise in power management, interface and mixed-signal designs have become critically valuable for suppliers of portable consumer electronics.

Decicon customers boost their ability to define winning products and expand their revenues as early as in 6 months. Their time-to-money is shortened and profits are maximized due to:

  • One stop shop: Decicon's seasoned and expert level engineering skills range from analog, mixed signal to digital, process and device level to system design. All device and system level integration, evaluation and release to production are done under one roof.
  • Predictable first silicon: Using proven blocks modeled in Analog Behavioral Modeling (ABM), the functionality and performance of the final silicon can be predicted accurately, changes and design trade-offs can be identified and made at early stages of the design process. Decicon's IP platforms consist of system level designs ready for process mapping. These platforms are designed with the aid of (ABM) and have been proven in silicon in at least one process. IP platforms are enriched with a collection of optional features.
  • Instant access to modern IP: Projects get to a fast start due to Decicon's wide spectrum of innovative analog/mixed-signal technologies in power management and interfaces.
  • Maintenance-free products: Decicon designed products require little or no support from product engineering. Decicon follows a proprietary and well structured design methodology in its design and development projects. This flow has been put to test numerous times, has been thoroughly refined, and has always proven efficient and successful as judged by its customers.
  • Variety of process technologies: Decicon uses a wide variety of process technologies down to 0.18um BCDMOS and 0.15um CMOS. Decicon's power management and interface IC know-how in state-of-the-art process technologies is evident from its 1st time silicon performance.
  • Flexible business model: Decicon deliverables can range from new product specifications to packaged, tested and marked integrated circuits. Typical Decicon customer engagements include one or a combination of Non-Recurring Engineering fees, licensing and royalty fees. Decicon addresses each customer's need individually and works with the customer to arrive at a mutually satisfactory outcome.


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